I Used To Stalk Your Instagram

by Mia Shelton

New single with instrumentation and production by Etan Mannelli. Vocals, lyrics, and composition by Mia Shelton.

Also available on BandCamp and SoundCloud!


This is the first day that I've understood the way you can't move on
I've never held a grudge or kept the past in my front pockets
It's been repressed, and even though I know it happened
My memories are like old stories told by people that I have never met

I never thought I could get close to anyone but my two best friends,
but when fate took them from me, I thought there was no reason to live
I wish I knew you when my life was going straight to hell
Cause every time I'm with you life becomes a movie set in the summertime

I've stepped myself into so many people's shoes with my small feet,
and all the space to fill makes me look like a fool sometimes
so I run away, I am barefoot in the rain and all I feel is the world watching me, I'm not the way they want me, but you don't mind.