Eyes Aren't Always Right

You hide your lies

Behind your eyes

Baby blue gray

Deceived me each day

No, I did not know

The kindness you show

Is only a facade

d o g w o o d

There aren't pretty lights

No one takes long flights

To get there

But if you smell the fresh, clean air

And let the breeze sweep up your hair

You'll feel like you're at home

Don’t Take me for Granted

I've got a little black heart and it's on fire

Don't take me for granted

You've got the face of a god, but you're a liar

Don't take me for granted

Overworked & Underpaid

Cleaning off an empty table

Waiting for the time

I left the world that kept me going

But I'm feeling fine

I had a steaming cup of coffee

Long before the light

My feet are going numb

From running back and fourth all night


I don't really mind

Cause I love your lips on mine

But I think we need to take this slow


I wish I was charismatic

But then I'd be problematic

People listen to liars

Who fulfill their desires


I closed that door

A long time ago

but you keep


June Gloom

I wanted to spend this life together

Where summer lasts forever

We could live out on the west side

Without you here, part of me has died

You know I wanted to go with you


If you notice one day I'm not there,

just know I've run away,

and I hope each night you'll find me

when I'm alright

her complexities

She's sad but she's fair

She's got flowers in her hair

She's got a knife in her pocket

And a crucifix locket


If I could be better for you I would

I don't always do what I should

I didn't know I was cared for

Now I've realized I couldn't be loved more


I'm just a distant memory

So far from people, it's good for me

At least I tell myself I'm fine

I'll take the blame because it's mine

I remember everything they said

I'll remember everyone until I'm dead

blue bc of u

I am numb inside

and I can't help feeling blue

I just close my eyes

and I can't help thinking

it's because of you