Products Overview

The links to all of the products I have created for you all to purchase can be found here.


Merch and CDs

Mia Shelton music t-shirts, bracelets, hats, and other merch designed by Mia Shelton as well as CDs, vinyl, and cassette tapes with photo booklets.


Poetry Book

The poetry and prose of Mia Shelton collected into a book with collage and illustrations by Mia Shelton. Coming soon!


Tarot, Oracle, and Astrology Cards

Tarot, oracle, astrology, Lenormand, mantra, affirmation, guidance, and angel cards all designed and written by Mia Shelton. Coming soon!


Art, Jewelry, Crafts, Zines

Handmade products such as astrology bracelets, lavender sachets, and tangible $1 stories & zines created by Mia Shelton.


e-zines, e-journal, e-books, online mag

Digital downloads of cute zines, journals, short stories, books, magazines, etc. written and illustrated by Mia Shelton. Only $1 and super fun!


Tarot Readings & Pick a Card Videos

Personal tarot readings by Mia Shelton, an experienced reader using multiple methods of divination to provide insight.